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Bosch supports Milan’s Teatro alla Scala
Technology and innovation in the service of culture, in partnership with the Bosch Foundation

Bosch, the strongly innovation-oriented technology company, is working to support the programme to computerise the historic archive of La Scala in Milan. Begun in 1996, the ambitious project has enabled the digital management of La Scala’s vast heritage, which includes 45,000 costumes, 60,000 stage props, 24,000 sketches and models, and 10,000 hours of music.

The decision to support the initiative, which will help preserve the great cultural capital of one of the world’s most celebrated opera houses, embraces the values upheld by the Robert Bosch Foundation. Created in 1964 to continue the philanthropic endeavours of its founder, the Robert Bosch Stiftung (Robert Bosch Foundation) is the majority stockholder in the Bosch company.

The Foundation is committed to furthering culture and understanding between people and safeguarding health at both national and international levels. In this perspective, in its more-than 100 years in the city of Milan since the company set up its first Italian headquarters there in 1904, Bosch has supported a variety of initiatives in the cultural and welfare sectors.

Beyond its financial support for the implementation of the DAM (Digital Asset Management) programme, Bosch enjoys links with La Scala through its multi-year technological partnership. From the CCTV system installed in the workshops and backstage area, to the power tools used in scenery production, Bosch has provided the historic Milanese opera house with 360-degree support – not forgetting the innovative stage operating system by Bosch Rexroth, a company group and manufacturer of leading drive, control and movement technologies.

“Bosch has always shared the belief that the future requires roots, and that tradition and modernity must co-exist to ensure the institution’s robust onward development,” comments Gerhard Dambach, CEO of Bosch Italia. “It is for this reason, and because of our ties with the city of Milan, chosen in 1904 as the first Italian headquarters of the Bosch Group, that we have decided to support the DAM project. We are therefore proud to be in a position to contribute to preserving the extraordinary history of the opera house, while at the same time improving the accessibility of its remarkable cultural heritage”.