Corporate Prime

Purchasing this exclusive package entitles you to a subscription for all Opening night performances for the 11 operas in the 2016/2017 Season*, with a number of seats to be defined according to your needs (max. 6 stalls seats or one 4-,5- or 6-seater box). As an alternative to the Opera Season you may wish to purchase a mixed Opera and Ballet subscription.


Benefits include: 

  • Direct contact with La Scala’s Marketing Department
  • Visibility: publication of your company name in performance programmes for the season, season calendar (150,000 copies), direct link from our website to your company’s site and many other communications benefits
  • A book of tickets that permits flexible use of the subscription by Guests (instead of the subscription card)
  • Opportunity to create an evening event at La Scala with priority booking on up to 6 other tickets for each opening night of the season, with no booking fee
  • Opening night of the season, 7 December: priority booking for 4/6 box seats at one of the world’s most exclusive cultural events. 
  • La Scala events: free use of Theatre Museum spaces once a year to host drinks or dinner, along with discounts on the organisation of Private evenings at La Scala for groups of over 20
  • Special ticketing arrangements: purchase up to 10 seats for all performances in the season (excluding opening nights and private evenings) 
  • Priority booking for 4 stalls/box seats for the Christmas 2016 Concert

 To entertain your guests at La Scala and make their evening simply unforgettable:   

  • invite them to take part in the "Prima delle Prime" (Before the Opening Nights) conferences - by prior reservation only
  • welcome them with a glass of Bellavista Franciacorta in the Foyer before the performance
  • organise a guided tour of the Museum before the opera begins
  • present them with gift vouchers for programmes and the house bars to use in the intervals
  • hire a taxi from our dedicated service

* excludes season opening night on 7 December

Subscription prices Subscription fees:
Corporate Prime Opera (11 Operas)  
1 seat in stalls €  2,350
I, II, III rank boxes: 4-seater box € 7,497; 5-seater box € 8,728; 6-seater box; € 12,475 
IV rank boxes: 4-seater box € € 5,394; 5-seater box; € 7,159; 6-seater box € 9,894; box 19 (6 seats) € 11,106 

Corporate Prime Mix (7 Operas and 5 Ballets)    
1 seat in stalls € 2,301 
I, II, III rank boxes: 4-seater box € 7,383; 5-seater box € 8,605; 6-seater box €12,248 
IV rank boxes: 4-seater box € 5,370; 5-seater box; € 7,095; 6-seater box € 9,780; box 19 (6 seats) € 10,930


Sponsorship fee:
€ 30,000 + VAT

It is possible to make payment  in two instalments of 50% upon subscription (€ 15,000 + VAT) and 50% by 31 March 2016 (€ 15,000 + VAT).

Find out more about La Scala’s corporate subscribers.