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Cambio nell'omaggio a Liszt


Due to an unavailability, the recital on 20th November will no longer be performed by Yuja Wang but by Michele Campanella. The recital, which is part of the "Homage to Liszt", has also undergone a change of programme and will now be exclusively dedicated to the Hungarian musician: the first half of the concert will be devoted to Années de pèlerinage. Troisième Année R. 10e and the second half to B minor Sonata R.21.

Michele Campanella is internationally considered as one of the best Liszt virtuous and performer: as a matter of fact, in 2011 - the 200th Anniversary of Liszt's birth - he has dedicated all his recitals to the music of the composer.

In October, Michele Campanella performed at La Scala on Liszt's own Steinway (Liszt's last instrument that was recently wonderfully restored) and now he will show his "Lisztian nature" by playing the seven pieces of the third book of Années de pèlerinage. These pieces are rarely performed due to their great difficulty: Angelus! Prière aux anges gardiens; Aux cyprès de la Villa d’Este, «thrénodie» n. 1; Aux cyprès de la Villa d’Este, «thrénodie» n. 2; Les jeux d’eau à la Villa d’Este; Sunt lacrymae rerum, «en mode hongrois»; Marche funèbre; Sursum corda. Erhebet eure Herzen.