Regulations Concerning Queues for the Sale of Gallery Tickets

Method of reservation Opera and Ballet Concerts Matinée performances December 7 | Season Opening Night
Compilation of the list 1.00 pm 5.30 pm 12.00 6.00 pm of December 6
Roll-call and token distribution 5.30 pm 5.30 pm 12.00 1.30 pm of December 7




28 May, 3, 7, 10, 14, 17 June 2019 – at 8pm

Compilation of the list and token distribution at 5.30pm
Sales of 140 tickets at 6.00pm



23 giugno 2019 – ore 20.00

Compilation of the list                                   at 1.00pm
Roll-call and token distribution at 5.30pm
Sales of 140 tickets at 6.00pm


Any changes to the times given above will be published in advance at the Theatre Box Office and on

As the form is filled out and inserted in the list, the spectator interested in purchasing their ticket/s will need to present a valid form of identification.

Prior to purchasing your tickets, the spectator is kindly asked to insert their personal information at the electronic tills near the box office or on the website

Once roll call is started, each spectator can retrieve their countermark, which is necessary to purchase the ticket, with a maximum purchase of 2 tickets presenting the 2 countermarks and proper identification.

Spectators who are not present or do not respond to the roll call will lose priority.

2 hours before curtain rise, each spectator will need to go to the Box office in order to retrieve their ticket or at the most 2 tickets with relative countermark or at least 1 client code related to the personal data inserted in our system.


Tickets are nominal and must be purchased by the person whose name is printed on the ticket showing proper identification at the entrance.

Seats are nominal and cannot be exchanged or given away. If proper identification is not presented, entrance to the theater will be denied.

Tickets must be shown accompanied with proper identification.

The only valid list is appointed by Teatro alla Scala. No other lists will be taken into consideration.


For each performance the ticket prices correspond with Galleria Zone 5, and can be consulted on our website in the "Tickets and prices" section of the current Season.


For ScalAperta performances, the 140 numbered gallery tickets will be sold at the Central Box Office the same day of the ticket sales of the ScalAperta performance.


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