Boxes Visualisation

view from the boxes - Teatro alla Scala


To check the view of the stage from each box, seat by seat, click on the above image (flash file).


Dear members of the audience, La Scala is a theatre with boxes in the style known as "Italian", designed by the architect Piermarini in 1778 for Milan back then. It has a plan in straight horseshoe, that is, tapered to the proscenium - which is an extreme and rigorous evolution of the antique Greek theatre. The dimension of boxes and their subdivisions were definitely fixed in the 19th century, when the auditorium was equipped with stalls (originally people were standing, they were dancing or they sat on moveable chairs).


An opera house like La Scala, above all in the boxes, requests an "active" participation of the audience. This is especially well known by the habitués of the galleries, whom a great drawer from the past showed perpetually "hung" and leaning towards the stage. We therefore publish a significant sample of the views from the boxes on our website, so that everyone can know the dimension, the disposition and the spirit of a theatre built for the customs and habits of the late 18th century audience. To prepare oneself to an experience that is somehow also a travel in time.

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