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Guided Tours of the Ansaldo Workshops

A guided tour to discover the backstage of every performance of the Teatro alla Scala. This service is available upon booking and is run by specialised guides in cooperation with the heads of the workshop departments. The journey goes through all the Pavilions, ending in Pavilion 36 where it is occasionally possible to organise concerts, conferences and exhibitions. 

Scala Ansaldo Workshops: Via Bergognone, 34 - 20100 Milano



Tuesday and Thursday 

Groups and schools:
9 am to 12 noon
and 2 to 4 pm
Individuals: at 3 pm    




Guided tours in Italian: 100 €
(maximum 25 people per group)
Guided tours for schools: 70 €
(maximum 25 students per group)
Guided tours in foreign languages: 120 €
(maximum 25 people per group)
Guided tours for individuals: 5 € per person  



Booking and information:

Tel. +39.02.43353521
Fax +39.02.463917
Email: servizi@civita.it


Booking is compulsory